Jake McLelland


Jake was the latest addition to "The Otis Kry Band." His insane runs keep the bottom end alive which truly becomes the sound of "The Otis Kry Band."

Mark Ardley

Keyboards, Harp extraordinaire, Band Manager, and everything else that concerns the band

Mark not only owns, "LittleHorse Studios" where "The Otis Kry Band" rehearses but he plays keyboards for the band as well as Harp. Mark is an influential song writer as well as a master musician Mark is a founding member of "The Otis Kry Band."

Art Hine

Lead Guitarist

Art is one of the newest members to "The Otis Kry Band." His fabulous styling on the guitar defines "The Otis Kry Band's" sound. Art not only plays lead guitar but provides vocals and background vocals when needed.

Jad Dekleva

Drummer, Percusionist

Jad not only keeps "The Otis Kry Band," engine running but is a pretty good drummer too. He not only keeps the meter but does background vocals as well. Without Jad is like saying, "without air," we think he is simply, the best.