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Hey, Hey!! Hello December and welcome to all this white stuff. I hope everyone is healthy and happy and just wishing Christmas or being politically correct, the holiday season would be here. I'm looking forward to meeting a new band mate, the final piece in our band. We have a temporary Bassist and thank goodness for Scott's ability to keep the rythnm section chugging along. So, if you hear of a Bass player wanting to play, just let him know the opportunity awaits him or her. I'm looking forward to the up coming year too. There are so many things to be done on a very positive note. I would like to do things with our music, perhaps record and play a lot of gigs. Most of all I look forward to visiting our many friends that enjoy our music. Be healthy, keep warm and be happy. All the best of the Season and Happy New Year to you and yours - Otis

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Thank You to the FVMA and CIVL Radio for the nomination for Blues Artist of the year. Although coming in second in the Blues category and fourth over all in the fan favourites, which was out of 37 nominees. I am honoured to have received a very nice reward. A huge thank you to everyone that VOTED.
Many blessings and THANK YOU
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Boogie Man - by Otis Kry - video by Kurt Reichel
Former Bands - Audio/Video imageFormer Bands - Audio/Video imageFormer Bands - Audio/Video image
Bad Credit's music faded with the band. - Dale Abby on Lead guitar & vocals, Mark Ardley on keys and harp and I'm sorry but I have forgotten the drummers name was, I played bass, for the first time.  Around 1998-99 I started playing bass with this group,  "Bad Credit" we had no video and I have some audio clips, however RAW or Garage band sounding. These files I will share with those who would enjoy the beginning years.  Still the band could have been a good band. Would have, could have, Should have.
 If you would like to visit some nostalgic sounds just email me at  otiskry@gmail.com and I'll forward what I can.

Rough Edges - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5p1GwucyqE

Brick Yard -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4gTCr1rPAU

TOAD -   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwacpBl8grE
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Rehearsal as per email

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